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Staff members encourage and facilitate activities outside of the home, such as day trips, cinema, theatre and sporting events. The home has its annual summer holidays with full provided care. M.P.V. is available to take residents on outings.

We have an access to and regular use an allotment to grow our own vegetables.

Likewise, there is plenty to do in the house, such as board games, games consoles and puzzles. There is access to digital television, 24 hour internet access, video/DVD collections and a wide variety of books/magazines and music.

There is an opportunity to take part in Photography, Art and crafts as well as Drama classes.

There are computers and musical instruments available and practise is encouraged. Most hobbies and interests can be catered for on an individual basis.

Two courtyards with plants: provides a therapeutic gardening aspect for the residents, along with D.I.Y. tasks for outdoor activities. Everyone is free to contribute any activities they feel would enhance the quality of life at the Grove.

Feeding the animals is part of the residents’ daily routine, along with taking the dog for a walk.

Additionally, assistance can be provided for studies or to find sheltered/ supported employment in the area where applicable.

Local religious communities are readily available for participation and interaction completely independent of the home.