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Our service users come to us directly from secure environments such as prisons and hospitals. They have demonstrated a capacity to flourish in a more independent environment with greater opportunities accompanied by greater support. Our residents enjoy ongoing productive interaction with staff to achieve a life as fulfilling as possible. Our ethos propels us to maintain a friendly atmosphere based on homely values and an environment as close as possible to family life.

Nutritious and varied homemade meals are provided three times a day and any personal dietary, cultural / religious requirements are catered for. Residents are assisted to develop greater skills in Budgeting, Shopping, Food Preparation, Hygiene and Cooking. Choices of selective menus are available.

There are laundry facilities maintained for residents’ use. Assistance in washing, drying, ironing and storage of laundry is available, dependent on individual needs.

We provide help with bank accounts, benefits payments, the Freedom Pass and other basic tasks aimed at facilitating the reintegration of each resident into the community.

Along with the communal aspect of the home, Connifinn Care provides a specific support plan for each individual resident. Specific needs are discussed and identified between staff and each given resident so that positive and pro-active support structures can then be implemented and acted upon. There are numerous opportunities through locally run programs and agencies for housemates to pursue additional education, training and employment.