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Connifinn Care is a mental health residential care home specializing in the care of individuals who have a forensic history, demonstrate challenging behaviour or are on the supervision register.

We provide a homely, family-orientated environment for 8 residents.

Housemates can expect unconditional, positive regard, respect, dignity, and have full rights to privacy. We are respectful of all religious and cultural needs.

Residents are encouraged to live as independently as possible and are supported by staff to achieve their personal goals.

Our staff come from a variety of backgrounds, a majority of whom are graduates or have previous experience that reflects our ethos.

Team members are selected with an input from our residents and are thereon encouraged to undertake further training in order to ensure they facilitate and enhance our family-orientated therapeutic model.

We have been operating since 1999 and we have constantly achieved excellent CSCI (now CQC) reports.